How long will the website take to make?

Here at 28 digital we complete high quality websites very quickly. For example, an informational website will take about 2 weeks and an e-commerce website could take about 5 weeks. Contact us for an accurate [...]

Do we only work with Orange businesses?

No way! 28 digital works with businesses all over Australia. Most of our work is done remotely and we are more than happy to travel for consultations. We also create remarkable website for medium and [...]

Are we a full service agency?

A full service agency handles all the marketing and advertising aspects of business. Here at 28 digital we prefer to focus just on our specialty: Website Design. Although we do offer many other services that [...]

What’s with the name?

People often ask us why 28 digital. It became apparent to us that the number 28 was frequently in our lives, for example, the Orange postcode 2800!